Why Commercial Storage Units Can Be A Huge Help To Retail Businesses

Managing inventory can be challenging for retail businesses, especially smaller retailers. We want to examine how commercial storage units can greatly help retail businesses.

Commercial storage units come in many sizes, and the services offered therein can vary depending on each storage facility. However, most reputable storage facilities have various options and services that virtually all small to medium-sized retailers could benefit from. This blog post will explore those benefits and why retail businesses should seriously consider them.

Increased Storage Space For Stock

The most apparent benefit of using a storage facility is that it provides additional space. Retail businesses require ample storage space for their inventory, and a storage facility can offer just that, especially in circumstances where the retail unit the business operates from has limited storage space. By renting a storage unit, retailers can also free up valuable space in their store, which can be used to showcase products, expand the store’s layout, or accommodate more customers.

More Secure Storage Of Inventory

Security is a top priority for retail businesses, especially when storing valuable merchandise, such as electronic equipment, jewelry, quality furniture, and antiques. Storage facilities offer a secure storage solution for retail businesses with concerns that their current premises lack robust security.

Most modern storage facilities are equipped with surveillance cameras, security gates, and high-quality locks on units to ensure the safety of stored items. Additionally, some facilities have digital keypad locks and may even have security staff on-site to provide even greater peace of mind for retailers using those storage facilities.

Improved Inventory Management

Retail businesses often struggle with inventory management, especially within cramped storage spaces, and disorganization can lead to scenarios of overstocking or understocking of products.

By using a storage facility, retail businesses can better manage their inventory by having adequate space to store everything correctly and in an organized and logical manner. This allows for better inventory control and thus negates ordering issues with less chance of the store being out of stock of items customers wish to purchase. It also should be noted that when inventory is better organized, it is a safer environment for employees when inventory is being accessed.

Significant Cost Savings

A significant advantage of using storage facilities is cost savings and several ways this occurs. First, there is less wastage or overstocking due to the better inventory management we discussed. Second, with stock in a safe and organized storage unit, there is much less risk of breakages and damage to valuable or high-priced items.

Commercial storage units are also much cheaper than the retailer renting warehouse space, especially as warehouses often require a long-term lease agreement, which would mean paying for storage space the retail business does not require.

Ideal For Storing Seasonal Products

Seasonal inventory can be a challenge for many retail businesses. For example, a beachwear retailer will not have customers queuing around the block in winter. By the same token, the summertime is not when those selling portable heaters will see sales soar.

We are sure you can think of many other examples, some of which might apply to your retail business. Nevertheless, by using a storage facility, your retail business can store seasonal items off-site, thus freeing up valuable space in your retail outlet and its storage areas for products that are ‘in season’.

Regulatory Compliance

Specific industries, such as healthcare and certain products, have strict regulations governing their storage, which extends to storing sensitive data, documents, and customers’ personal information. Storage facilities can provide a secure and compliant storage solution for those businesses affected by these regulations, especially where the storage and security do not meet regulatory compliance standards in their retail premises.

An Aid To Expansion

For a retail business that is seeing success and is on track to expand, it can hit a point where its owners do not quite have the resources to take the business to larger premises. Still, at the same time, it is clear that its current premises are insufficient. This is where utilizing the additional space within a storage unit can help bridge that gap, allowing the owners to make plans and accumulate the resources they need whilst the business continues to flourish.