7 Little-Known PPC Advertising Tips To Increase Revenue

7 Little-Known PPC Advertising Tips To Increase Revenue

Any business which includes PPC advertising as part of its digital marketing strategy will want to ensure that the revenue generated is maximised. Whilst it can contribute to this aim by having an effective sales funnel and highly desirable products, there is a further way. That is to optimise its PPC campaign to the maximum, and it can do so by implementing some little-known PPC advertising tactics.

We say ‘little-known’ because even some marketing agencies are not fully aware of them all, and that means that the vast majority of business owners who are trying to use PPC advertising without expert guidance, will definitely not know of them. What this means for you is that if follow these 7 tips to maximise the returns from your PPC campaigns, then your ROI will be far superior to that being seen by your competition.

Quality Score Optimisation

Whilst most people who wish to market their business will be aware that Google ranks websites organically based on the quality of factors such as content and user experience, they may not be aware that Google also applies a quality score to PPC adverts. If you create high-quality ads that convert and which avoid spammy ad copy, Google can reward you with lower costs per click and higher ad positions.

Use More Than One PPC Platform

Google is the biggest PPC platform, but it is not the only one. Facebook, Microsoft (Bing), Twitter, Instagram and many other platforms also offer PPC advertising. This can benefit you in several ways such as lower costs per click, being able to compete for high volume keywords, and to A/B test ads for little cost. Many advertisers with big budgets ignore the smaller ad platforms leaving them open for smaller companies and budgets.

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