3 Business Sectors That Use Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

If you take a moment to think about all the structures, machines, and industrial apparatus around the world that are held together in some way or another by nuts and bolts, then the count must be billions, and many of those nuts and bolts will have been tightened by a hydraulic torque wrench. It is just one of four of the main industrial torque wrenches that are widely used.

Torque wrenches that can be purchased from robotictools.com.au, came into being just over 100 years ago when a New York City Water Department employee named Conrad Bahr realised he needed a tool more appropriate than normal wrenches for tightening the bolts on water pipes. Since then torque wrenches have been responsible for ensuring the safety and structural integrity of many things that can be found in business and industrial settings.

Four Types Of Industrial Torque Wrenches


The hydraulics for these torque wrenches are generated either by an electrical or a pneumatic pump. Used where powerful torque limits are required, they are often required to tighten extremely large bolts and nuts. One other main benefit is that as a hydraulic torque wrench is separate from the pump, it can be used in tighter spaces than electric or pneumatic torque wrenches.


Powered by electricity there is therefore a need for a power outlet to be available where the torque wrench is being used. They are more accurate than other types of torque wrenches and often have data readouts that allow engineers to monitor their use.

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