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Marketing Start-ups and Marketing Product Launches

Marketing Start-ups and Marketing Product Launches

Marketing A Start-up Business or Product Launch

If you’re building a start-up or new business, chances are that you’re channeling most of your time into developing a great product or service - and rightly so. However it’s crucial not to forget one very important task: marketing.

Start-ups sometimes fail to apply the same depth of thought to marketing their business as they do to production, sales and cash flow. Too often they believe wholly in the maxim, “build it, and they will come.” That by delivering a great product, everything will naturally fall into line.

Just don’t rely on it.

Entrepreneurs come from all fields and walks of life. They may be savvy professionals, craftspeople, engineers and advisors, but not everybody is equipped with marketing experience. Many don’t fully appreciate that executing a well-founded marketing plan is essential to any venture’s success. No matter how ingenious a product or service, nobody will find it unless they know it exists and understand the value. That’s why branding and marketing is synonymous with telling a story – the story of a company and what it can offer.

Quality “product launch branding”:http://www.calico-uk.com/branding/logo-design.php?s=branding and marketing crosses barriers and speaks to everyone consistently and persuasively. The idea of “build it, they will come,” is now out of date. You have to create a fantastic product, identify consumers, and then spend time telling them about it. Brands that tell great stories keep people interested and turn consumers into advocates.

Marketing can help you gain an advantage in several ways

Gain time. Marketing and planning is a critical but time-consuming aspect of launching new companies, products and services. Nobody
 wants to pause: the longer you wait, the
 more you have to lose. Reduce pressure. Design, manufacturing and supply issues are frequently prioritised over marketing. We understand that manufacturers like to make, and ideas people like to create, however this should not be to the detriment of marketing. We can support you while you concentrate on core business. Gain confidence. Areas of concern are sometimes more easily spotted by taking a step back. Professional detachment allows for potential obstacles or issues to be identified, and then overcome by the correct deployment of resources. Think integrated. Research often uncovers new opportunities and ways to increase potential sales, especially within emerging social medias. By identifying all of them early, you can efficiently target these opportunities and save on marketing costs while achieving greater brand recognition and more leads.

The Calico Branding & Marketing 
Report is essential for:

• Start-ups who want to improve 
their chances of success. • SMEs venturing into new markets
 who intend to launch a new 
product or service. • Individuals who are thinking about
 launching a new company.

will help you understand: • Where you stand against your competitors. • The full range of online marketing opportunities for your business. • Ways you can leapfrog and gain an advantage over competitors.

The Report includes: A detailed survey of your business encompassing research into your 
marketing, branding, and sales. • Situation and competitor analysis. • Marketing and branding audit. • Target customer research. • Conclusions and recommendations
 you can put into practice. • The marketing Key Performance
Indicators you need to watch. • Typical costs of marketing and promoting your brand, product or service.

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Supporting your business with marketing

Concerned about the cost of launching 
a new company, product or service? Calico can help you with:
• Costing marketing and promotional
 activities around a new brand or 
product launch. • Detailed competitor market research. • Publicity opportunities to maximise your brand awareness. • Focus group research with existing product/service users or potential
new consumers. • Devising PR and publicity strategies to reach the important opinion makers and influencers including bloggers, website owners and social hubs. • Examining external factors which you don’t have much control over but might affect your marketing decisions.


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