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Within the Calico team, we have a perfectly blended mix of skills and our marketing consultants are as passionate about strategy, planning and ROI as our web designers are about HTML, CSS and SEO.


For clients without in-house marketing expertise, we provide invaluable marketing support to help them with their marketing strategy, brand development and content marketing.

In particular, we offer a tailor-made Branding & Marketing Report, which is essential for:
• Start-ups who want to improve their chances of success.
SMEs venturing into new markets who intend to launch a new product or service.
• Individuals who are thinking about launching a new company.

The Branding & Marketing Report will help you understand:
• Where you stand against your competitors.
• The full range of online marketing opportunities for your business.
• Ways you can leapfrog and gain an advantage over competitors.

The Report includes:
• A detailed survey of your business encompassing research into your marketing, branding, and sales.
• Situation and competitor analysis.
• Marketing and branding audit.
• Target customer research.
• Conclusions and recommendations you can put into practice.
• The marketing Key Performance Indicators you need to watch.
• Typical costs of marketing and promoting your brand, product or service.

Clients have found these reports invaluable in helping them gain time. Marketing and planning is a critical but time-consuming aspect of launching new companies, products and services. Nobody wants to pause: the longer you wait, the more you have to lose.

They also help clients to ‘think integrated’. Marketing research often uncovers new opportunities and ways to increase potential sales, especially within emerging social medias. By identifying all of them early, you can efficiently target these opportunities and save on marketing costs while achieving greater brand recognition and more leads.

Calico can help your business marketing in a number of ways including:
• Campaign development and management
• Competitor research
• Branding, USP and positioning
• Copy-writing: web, emails, brochures, direct mail and advertorial

There’s millions of new consumers waiting to be discovered across the full media/social media universe. A fully-integrated marketing plan will help you to launch your business or campaign.

Whether you’re an established brand or a start-up, you’ll need a marketing strategy and tactical promotions plan to get your business seen, heard and remembered.

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