7 Tips For Law Firms To Secure The Best Results From PPC Advertising

For any law firm seeking a digital marketing strategy that is one of the most targeted and quickest ways to generate traffic to their website, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has to be one of the prime options. PPC can assist in increasing the brand awareness of your law firm in your local catchment area, it can target leads so that they are more qualified when they first make contact, and most significantly, it can produce leads that convert better.

We are sure every lawyer reading that would agree those are very attractive benefits of running a PPC campaign. However, the fly in the ointment is that PPC ads have to be planned and created properly. Unfortunately, many PPC campaigns fail because the requisite planning has not been done. Thereafter, the optimisation required to make the ads perform even better is missing too.

For any law firms who wish to ensure that their PPC ads work as well as they hope and thus create a satisfactory return on ad spend investment, there are some relatively simple tips and tactics you can employ to achieve those. Below we have outlined seven of those tips which are proven to improve the results of PPC campaigns for law firms.

Find The Best Keywords: For any PPC ad to be successful, you must find the right keywords. These must be relevant to the legal services you offer and include associated terms and phrases. Use synonyms and longtail keywords to add to the potential numbers of keywords and keyword phrases you can target.

Include Applicable Negative Keywords: This tells Google what keywords you do not want your ad to appear for. For example, the search term “law firm in Perth WA”, you would want, but “commercial law firm in Perth WA”, you would make a negative keyword if you were a divorce or wills lawyer.

Research What Your Competition Are Doing: Knowing what your competitors are doing can be very helpful. There are online tools that can reveal their keywords and their ad copy. Use these not to copy exactly but to augment your PPC ad campaign.

Ensure You Target Locally: Assuming you are a local law firm seeking local clients, you must include geographical keywords and target your ads to appear only in specific locations. This helps conversions and ensures you do not waste ad budget paying for ads being shown to people hundreds of miles away.

Employ Ad Extensions: Ad extensions give you a free opportunity to provide additional information that enhances your ad in the hope of improving conversions. Ad extension examples include locations, prices, links to websites, and callouts, to name but a few.

Ensure Your Landing Page Is Worthy Of Your Ad: Little will be gained if your ads work, but your landing page is sub-standard. Ensure it is congruent with your ad, appealing visually, and provides clear calls to action concerning what the prospect should do next when they land there having clicked your ad.

Track, Tweak, Test Your Campaign: It is vital that you measure your ad’s performance and, where necessary tweak, improve, remove, or replace it depending on what your analysis tells you. Doing so will increase conversions and can reduce your ad spend as you optimise your campaign.