Why You Should Call In Professionals If Your Office Carpets Are Wet

Your office’s carpets can become wet due to many causes, and if they do, your priority should be having your carpets dried and professionally cleaned. Carpets left wet, or even damp, for a prolonged period can incur all kinds of problems, including mould, smells, large stains, and damage beyond repair, meaning that the carpet or carpets must be replaced entirely.

As we mentioned, wet carpets can occur for many reasons, and knowing what type of water your carpets are soaked with will play a significant factor in determining the course of action your cleaning company will take. Advised by the carpet cleaning professionals Brilliance Carpet Cleaning Perth, here are the three main types of water.

“Black” Water: This is not necessarily a reference to its colour but more to the fact that this type of water can be highly toxic and a danger to the health of anyone in its vicinity. The sources for this type of water include sewers, which have become backed up and contaminated standing water.

“Grey” Water: Sources for this type of water include broken sump pumps, Leaky toilets, and other water-use machinery. Whilst not necessarily toxic, it is still dangerous to individuals as it is likely to contain bacteria and microorganisms that can induce upset stomachs and vomiting.

“Clean” Water: Not clean in the sense that it is drinkable but clean in that it does not ordinarily contain anything that risks anyone’s health. This water can come from a leak in the roof, which lets in rainwater, leaking pipes, or sinks that overflow.

As you can see, these each carry a varying degree of risk and require different cleaning levels. You should call professional carpet cleaners once the water source has been eradicated or repaired.

Benefits Of Hiring Professionals To Dry And Clean Wet Commercial Carpets

So, you have stopped the ingress of water or the leak, and now it is time to have your carpets dried and cleaned. You could try this yourself, but with the best will in the world, would you want to? And even if you did, do you know what is required to restore your carpets? The sensible action is to call in professionals; if you do, here are the benefits you will have.

#1: They have all the correct equipment for drying carpets, including powerful wet vacuums and industrial-grade drying fans.

#2: They have the experience and the expertise to deal with each type of water that has soaked into your carpet.

#3: They can also check any underflooring for damage and dry it.

#4: They will be able to professionally deep clean your carpet to restore it as close to its former condition as possible.

#5 They will remove the risk and occurrence of nasties such as mould, mildew, smells, and water stains.

#6: Depending on the materials within your carpet, they can apply a special protective coating that will protect the fibres of your carpets.

#7: Their work will be guaranteed, so you can be sure of a great outcome. The time it takes them to complete the job will be much quicker than trying to do it all yourself, even if you had the help of your staff.