Importance Of Effective Branding To Enhancing A Divorce Lawyer’s Income

Divorce lawyers are not likely to be the first that comes to mind when considering business sectors and professions that you would immediately associate with marketing and branding. You might see the occasional local ad, but when it comes to the internet and online marketing, a divorce lawyer and their law firm will rarely dominate Facebook or Google.

This begs the question, “Why not?”. We ask that because, given that almost all divorce lawyers operate within a finite local market, the internet and online marketing are primed for divorce lawyers to promote themselves and, more importantly, brand themselves within their local catchment area.

The point we are making is, just as local businesses like restaurants, landscapers, removalists, and pressure cleaners use digital marketing to build an online audience, augment their brand, and as a result, generate more leads, prospects, and clients, local divorce lawyers can do likewise.

Further,  the nature of what divorce lawyers do and the fees they earn for representing their clients give them an even greater incentive to brand themselves locally using digital marketing. For example, whilst someone visiting a restaurant might run up a bill of $200, a divorce lawyer’s fee from a single client could be $2,000 and more.

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