Your 10-Step Guide For Ensuring A Successful Office Relocation

An office relocation is not an operation that should be taken lightly. The potential fallout from a poorly planned and executed office relation can negatively impact a business for weeks, or months, and in the worst cases cause a business’s very existence to be jeopardised. Thankfully, those nightmare scenarios are rare, especially if you entrust your relocation to professional Perth removalists.

That is just one of ten steps you should take to ensure that your office relocation goes smoothly, however, while it is probably the most important, it is not the first task you should undertake. Read on, and you will discover all ten, and the order we suggest you follow.

#1 Ensure Your Reasons For Relocating Make Business Sense: Never move your business because it ‘seems like a nice thing to do’. That simply costs money for no real benefit. Relocation should only occur if it makes business sense to do so.

#2 Carefully Select The New Location For Your Business: One of the core reasons for relocating is that it provides your business with benefits, and that is why the specific location you move to is critical. It should be to better or larger premises and take you closer to your suppliers if possible, and certainly closer to your target market.

#3 Select Your Professional Removalists Company: There is plenty of planning required for an office relocation to be successful and the sooner you select your removalists the easier that planning will be. They can advise you in lots of ways to make the whole process go smoothly, including suitable packaging materials.

#4 Calculate And Allocate The Necessary Budget: There is no getting away from the fact that an office relocation generates costs. Apart from your removalists, there may be other costs relating to both your current and new premises. The sooner you calculate what these potential costs will be and allocate them, the better.

#5: Allocate A Senior Employee To Help Coordinate The Relocation: One of the best ways to ensure your relocation goes to plan is to appoint someone you know and trust within your business to coordinate it, or to at least support you in organising it.

#6 Generate A Checklist And A Diary Of The Entire Relocation: As quickly as you can, write out both a checklist of everything that need not be arranged and a diary for it so that you know when each task is due and subsequently completed.

#7 Use The Opportunity To Declutter Your Office: An office relocation is a great excuse to get rid of junk, shred old documents, and dispose of or donate to charity, the old office furniture that you are not taking with you.

#8 Communicate Fully With Parties That Have  A Vested Interest In Your Move: Excellent communication is key throughout the process and part of that includes giving updates to staff, plus informing suppliers, customers, and other businesses you have dealings with, about your move, well in advance.

#9 Make Sure The Necessary Technical Support Is Arranged: At both your current and new premises you need to ensure that any technical assistance you will need has been arranged. This can include telecoms, IT, electricians, and other utilities.

#10 Ensure That Everyone Is Aware Of The Layout For Your New Office: You do not want the trucks turning up at your new location and not knowing where each item is going, You should have the layout fully planned, and give everyone a copy of it on the day of the move.