5 Fundamental Reasons Why You Should Be Using Digital Marketing

There will be many small business owners reading this who might not see the merits of setting up and implementing a digital marketing campaign. It might be the word ‘campaign’ that makes it sound like a huge investment of time and money, but in truth a digital campaign can be simple and inexpensive., especially if you want to test it first, to analyse its success.

If even that small, tentative step seems a step too far for a small business owner, then the stark truth is they are harming the potential for their business to succeed and grow. There are lots of reasons why you should be marketing online, but to provide some focus we are going to highlight just 5 of them, albeit 5 very important and fundamental reasons to begin a digital marketing campaign with Slinky Digital Agency.

Your Prospects  Are Online

Let us start with the most fundamental reason that you should be marketing your small business online, and it is the simple fact that online is where your prospects are. People’s use of the internet has increased enormously in recent years and has further skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Going online is also where many people will do their research and look for the products and services they need. If your business does not have a presence of any significance online, as it would if it had embraced digital marketing, then, sadly, no potential prospects are likely to find it.

Most Of Your Competitors Are Marketing Online

All those prospects that are not going to find your business online, will find at least one business to provide the products and services they want. The big problem is that those businesses they find are going to be your local competitors.

If your local competition has digital marketing campaigns running they will be gaining traffic to their websites from multiple sources, including Google, social media and from other locations online where their content has been published.

It Is Data-Driven So It Can Continually Be Improved

One hugely important benefit of running a digital marketing campaign is that, as it is running, you will be able to gather data relating to how it is performing. The nature of that data will vary depending on the marketing channels used and the objective of the campaign, but regardless of the specifics, it will be useful.

In particular, having campaign data allows you to pinpoint where you are having campaign wins, and where the campaign is not doing so well. From this, you can increase investment in the winners, and amend or delete the losers.

You Do Not Have To Do It Any Of It Yourself

Understandably, one of the reasons why many small business owners shy away from the idea of implementing a digital marketing campaign is that they do not know how to. Further, the thought of having to do all the planning, research and creation of the campaign is daunting to them.

These need not be barriers to a digital marketing campaign for any small business. Digital marketing agencies exist and have teams of professional, experienced, and expert marketers who, after agreeing to your campaign’s goals with you, will do all the work necessary to achieve them.

Return On Investment Can Be Huge

We have saved the best until last, at least we hope you think so, given that this is where we talk about your digital marketing campaigns helping to generate increasing levels of revenue and profit for your small business.

Presuming you invest your digital marketing budget wisely, whether the return comes directly from sales, from building lists of leads and prospects, augmenting your brand, or improving your SEO, the ROI should be significant.