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by Damian Semple

Personalised Xmas cards - epic fails and humiliating disasters!

Personalised Xmas cards - epic fails and humiliating disasters!

How early do you write your chrissy cards? Me - about a week before, by which time it’s usually too late. But the really organised people, they’ve already started.

Personalised xmas cards are a great way to show appreciation, whether a friend, family member or company. People have been sending them for centuries, although the first commercial Christmas cards weren’t commissioned until 1843 (Sir Henry Cole, illustrated by John Callcott Horsley). Pictured below, there’s not a cherub in sight - just a family getting drunk.

No change there then.

Since then, just about every scene possible has been depicted on the front of a card - and then some!

Have you got something in mind that we can help you achieve? Calico is running a xmas card printing offer: 100 A5 Personalised Christmas cards - just £65.

Before you start thinking, take a look at some of these disasters…

Leg, thigh…I just wouldn’t know what part of the bird to ask for…

Tell me. Who’s gonna be more shocked? Her to see santa, or…

I don’t actually know where to begin here… excessive marble?

This is fun, except for the kid on the spike…

They’re holding the one in front to stop her running, right?

Don’t make the same mistake they did - talk to Calico about personalised xmas cards.

Thanks to Buzzfeed for the above - plenty more here


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